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Jorge Escalona and Judith Cordero, creators of Bachata Sensual, both from the beautiful city of Cadiz. Considered masters of masters, they are a world-class international couple who honors the brand that carries their dance style, which they developed together.

It all began more than 15 years ago, when Korke, then professional salsa dancer, was seduced by bachata. When he would listen to the music, he felt inspired to dance using movements of greater body expression, which managed to create a more sensual style, that is, always honoring the traditional origins of the Dominican Republic.

It was not until the arrival of Judith, a dancer with her own experience of more than 10 years, that everything reached a higher level, not only becoming a dance full of technique and more visual movements but creating a more open style of dance while also creating space for the women’s role to freely take place.

This is the beginning of what we know today as Bachata Sensual, which is now danced all over the globe. From then on, the other pioneer couples of this style began to be formed and developed, such as Chavez and Silvia and Luis and Andrea, among others. Is it thanks to all the rest of the pioneers that this continues to be spread, allowing it to have become one of the the world's most danced style.

Bachata Sensual has evolved over the years, as well as Korke and Judith as dancers, but there are factors that remain intact, and they are the ones that most represent this style: its sensuality, its elegance, its specific leading and following, and the fact that it always remains a social dance.





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